Mindfulness Practice in the Creative Industries:
A Human Resource Management Strategy

The business world is wrought with turbulence in an ever-shifting economic, social, and technological environment (Marwa and Milner 835), requiring organizations to turn to new methods of management to survive (836). Innovation, creativity, and resilience have been outlined as key resources amidst external chaos—particularly in the creative industries (836). Creative firms are reliant on intangible resources, and because “[t]he key material and the source of creation are humans” (Dubois), the mental wellbeing of employees becomes crucial to the survival of the contemporary creative enterprise. Mindfulness has been extensively shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn has been linked to an increase in resilience and creativity (Brendel et.al). However, there has been very little inquiry as to how these concepts may be leveraged in Human Resource Management (HRM) in the creative industries. Ultimately, I will answer the question: what role could mindfulness practices play in strategic HRM in order to foster resilience in the creative industries?